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    Will it survive a post-Bush return to normality? Will we all?
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    The interview with Greg Behrendt about his wife, the gym, the adorably cute guy from The Office, and the pass is stop-in-your-tracks hilarious. It's hard to find a bad interview.

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13 September 2009



This very thing has been gnawing at me too, in case you couldn't tell. Partly not wanting to blog about central stuff that was not so much for public consumption, and partly settling for facebook as an audience that is slightly more restricted (though still unwieldy). Let's talk about this more when I'm there!


Agreed. I'm definitely looking forward to talking through and pondering this more - along with so many other things!


I take it you've decided to not blog. Twitter and facebook are great ways to make quick updates and express your thoughts in one line to your network. But its difficult to put all your thoughts in the 140 characters they allow! I say continue blogging, allowing only your personal network to read anything thats close to heart.

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