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  • Grammar Girl
    Pearls of wisdom that are needed so.
  • Jordan, Jesse, Go! | Maximum Fun
    America's Radio Sweetheart and the Boy Detective at their raunchy best. Yes, I know this should be a guy-thing.
  • Wait, wait don't tell me
    Will it survive a post-Bush return to normality? Will we all?
  • This American Life
    An oldie but a goodie.
  • The Slate Gabfest
    Three liberals trying to avoid saying the word 'F*!%' (with some success) while talking about politics and other stuff you should know.
  • The Vinyl Cafe
    A northern version of Prarie Home Companion, without all the distraction of a presenter getting kicked out of his neighborhood for being an ass.
  • The Sound of Young America
    The interview with Greg Behrendt about his wife, the gym, the adorably cute guy from The Office, and the pass is stop-in-your-tracks hilarious. It's hard to find a bad interview.

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09 April 2009



I should say I'm sorry, since I think I turned you on to them. And also that I know exactly what you are going through. This kept happening to me while I was teaching my grad seminar, and at one point I actually said "motherf*&$er" in my class. Just rolled off the tongue. And it's odd how fitting your title line is when grad students haven't done the reading.

Ohio Mom

I am shocked.....Mom

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