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  • Grammar Girl
    Pearls of wisdom that are needed so.
  • Jordan, Jesse, Go! | Maximum Fun
    America's Radio Sweetheart and the Boy Detective at their raunchy best. Yes, I know this should be a guy-thing.
  • Wait, wait don't tell me
    Will it survive a post-Bush return to normality? Will we all?
  • This American Life
    An oldie but a goodie.
  • The Slate Gabfest
    Three liberals trying to avoid saying the word 'F*!%' (with some success) while talking about politics and other stuff you should know.
  • The Vinyl Cafe
    A northern version of Prarie Home Companion, without all the distraction of a presenter getting kicked out of his neighborhood for being an ass.
  • The Sound of Young America
    The interview with Greg Behrendt about his wife, the gym, the adorably cute guy from The Office, and the pass is stop-in-your-tracks hilarious. It's hard to find a bad interview.

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03 December 2008



this. is. hilarious. last night i gave your brother (the reformed luddite) an itouch for his birthday (early). we gotta hook you up!

Ohio Mom

Real funny......but really it is great. Good thing my self esteem is high. Congrats John on the early bday present. Debbie fits right into our family....early presents for all.


Seriously - my brother has one now too??? Okay, it's the straw on my camelhair coat's back. I bet JMs the favorite child these days anyways. Seems you can't slam your mom on your blog and maintain the title.

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