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    America's Radio Sweetheart and the Boy Detective at their raunchy best. Yes, I know this should be a guy-thing.
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    A northern version of Prarie Home Companion, without all the distraction of a presenter getting kicked out of his neighborhood for being an ass.
  • The Sound of Young America
    The interview with Greg Behrendt about his wife, the gym, the adorably cute guy from The Office, and the pass is stop-in-your-tracks hilarious. It's hard to find a bad interview.

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06 May 2006



hey hey hey what's going on in your Hood?????


since pittsburgh's neighborhoods supposedly inspired M. Rogers, you could be on to something.


hmmm... come to think of it, Mr. Rogers also created the Neighborhood of Make-Believe filled with lots of strangely-named characters like X the Owl and Prince Friday. I guess out of respect for the dead, I won't speculate any more.

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