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    The interview with Greg Behrendt about his wife, the gym, the adorably cute guy from The Office, and the pass is stop-in-your-tracks hilarious. It's hard to find a bad interview.

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30 April 2006



What the hell is the Fibonacci sequence? Good thing I didnt see this show before I had kids or you wouldnt have seen it either.


Don't know what something is? Look it up. I think some parental unit told me that a couple of hundred times.

Good thing you don't share my attitude toward children, I agree.


That's what you are I dont have to look things up smarty pants.


Hi, I came by you blog via the 'recently updated' list on my blog. Being British, we've had Supernanny on our screens dealing with legions of our own bad parents for years.

We also get Supernanny USA over here, and it's surprising to see how everyone describes her as Mary Poppins. Must be the accent, maybe you're right.

My only annoyance with the show is her inability to say the word 'unacceptable' correctly. Drives me mad!

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